For any new developing Industries or power plant whether it’s International, inter-provincial or intra-provincial have various bodies that regulate gathering, transmission and distribution of the system and process. In addition to the primary regulatory bodies, there may be other governmental agencies within each respective jurisdiction and federal legislation that may need to took the permission or approvals. The regulatory process is a multi-dimensional exercise that requires wide input, and must meet the requirements of all the respective government organizations. Our Team is experienced in moving projects through the regulatory process and assist owners in achieving compliance.

Complete solution on Approvals and Certification for Different Country

  • CE marking on product for Europe
  • GOST TRCU Certificates of Conformity
  • Explosion-proof Certificates
  • Declaration of Conformity for Custom Unions of Russia
  • Applicant Service by Customs Union Registered Entity
  • Technical Passports
  • Justification of Safety or ‘Safety Case’
  • ASME U stamp
  • DOSH  and MOM certification (For Malaysia and Singapore)
  • CRN  Approvals  (Canadian Registration)
  • Technical Translation and Editing for all language
  • Preparation and Review of Technical Documents Packages
  • Manufacturer Inspection and Audits