Design Capability

Having access to a wide variety of product and engineering services choices, powerful sourcing platforms, design and research can help our client to build a portfolio suited to their needs. AV Engineering INC has been proud to help our clients pursue their project goals, Everything we offer — from guidance through various engineering and project management services, to technical services, to merchandise resources with the expertise in our design facilities.
Piping Codes

  • ASME B 31.1
  • ASME B 31.3
  • DN (Germen Standard)
  • AS (Australia & NZ)
  • IBR (Indian Boiler      Regulation)
  • BS ( British Code)
  • JIN ( Japanese Standard)
  • Mechanical Process Code

  • ASME SECTION 8 Div.1,11
  • TEMA
  • BS 5500
  • IS 2825
  • API 650, API 618, & API      661, API 579
  • Design Capability Working Software

  • PV Elite
  • HTRI Xchanger Suite
  • PV System
  • HTRI
  • Solid Works
  • PDMS & PDS
  • AutoCAD 2017
  • CAESAR II (latest 5.10      version)
  • TANK
  • Pipe NET
  • Hammer
  • STAAD Pro. & PDS       Frameworks PLUS, SAFE, Revit, Tekla
  • Pro-E , Inventor
  • Ansys
  • Mart Plant P&ID
  • Aspen
  • Batch PLUS
  • Extend
  • Flexsim
  • Factory Flow
  • Fathom
  • Point Cloud Data using
  • Cyclone & Aveva Net
  • Faro Scene
  • ETAP
  • MS Projects & Primavera
  • aveng
    piping engineering

    We Provide Universal Engineering and Product Solution.

    AV Engineering’s core objective is to embark on all the confront in the fields as point out above, to develop as a cost effective and efficient outcomes.

    We facilitate new organization to fabricate their acquisition ability with global Engineering Services and supplies, help them to create their own product repo overseas.

    By looking at the present scenario, there are lot many companies around the world searching for the option to survive in global market by proving themselves as a worthwhile Service and Product provider; however some of them might not have expertise and facility on such type of quality and intricate Engineering Skills.

    Our Company offer productive business resolution, skilled engineering solution, Services and logistic in every manner, develop your strategy worldwide, Design and promoting of whole project.

    Support with knowledgeable workforce, AV Engineering INC is known to provide quality Services and Products to national and international clients and facilitate wide coverage reaching inaccessible projects and responding to client’s prerequisite more competently.

    Design Analysis is the backbone of any Process Industries. we offer the best Design solution available in the global market. Our vendor neutral system design approach allows achieving highest levels of efficiency.

    Provide Project management consultancy which cover Project Planning and scheduling in all the field of execution of project from the concept to the commissioning of the plant.

    For any new developing Industries or power plant whether it’s International, inter-provincial or intra-provincial have various bodies that regulate gathering, transmission and distribution of the system and process.

    Our Other Services

    Castings can be used for making difficult shapes of the product/item that would be otherwise complicated or too expensive to make by other techniques. High volume requirement off sets tooling cost for castings.

    AV Engineering is one-stop forgings resource. We offer Hot & Cold Forgings from different steel materials like alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, Titanium alloys and Brass, Bronze, Aluminum etc.

    AV Engineering INC offers highest quality CNC Machining services for a wide variety of automotives,  telecommunications, industrial, space, aerospace, electronics and customary applications.

    Other Sourcing & Supplying

    How we do it?

    • Adding Value across the World.
    • We Focus on you.
    • Satisfaction or money refund guaranteed.
    • Lifetime updates & support.
    • 24 Hour Functioning
    • Proven programmed management systems together with a commitment to innovation at all levels.
    • Positive environmental approach.
    • Industry insight.

    What we do it?

    • Quick response and Experienced

    • Business savvy
    • Cost and quality Efficient
    • Process – We offer solutions beyond software with dedicated experts that provide services  and products
    • Leaving a legacy
    • Progressive attitude toward innovation and technology.


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