I always heard this famous quote that “Real Women Lift Heavy Weights” but I am taking it in other way, not the physical but the mental weight , the load for which Women are meant to be by default.  And there is no deformation limiting load for her.

Nevertheless, in the actual world, for any structure, deformation is nonlinear and its hard to find this complex stable point, but for sure not complex than the Female Nature.

Hence to resolve this indefinite behavior of equipment i.e. deformation is not proportional to the increase in load, Buckling Analysis is carrying out. In simple words, buckling occurs when structure losses its load carrying capacity.

In Engineering, specifically structural, it happens when the uniformity doesn’t work and an increase in small amount of load causes fatal failure.

Linear Buckling (LBA) is the most common Buckling Analysis. It calculates buckling load magnitudes that cause buckling and associated buckling modes, but over defined the buckling load and you never know the result on the equipment after buckling.

Contrarily, the Nonlinear, offers more vigorous solutions by applying load gradually in steps than single load step in Linear Buckling. You can have the resultant parameters of structure very clearly in terms of changing load such as Shape and Rigidity.

Here I would like to consider one of the analysis we have done on Ejector Nozzle to check the stress level and stability under different circumstances. FEA Analysis of nozzle is carried out for Internal and External Design Pressure with Nozzle Thrust.

Self-weight of Nozzle is applied as gravity load in downward direction

Internal and external Design Pressure in each separate case is applied on internal faces of shell, nozzle dome pipe and nozzle and thrusts on top face of flanges

Displacement boundary condition is provided at the shell cut out such that it is restricted to move in axial and tangential direction and free to expand in radial direction due to pressure.

A Structural Analysis is solved for external design load case is coupled with buckling analysis for pre-stress condition to get the load multiplier. And from the analysis it concludes that the external design pressure is less than the maximum allowable vacuum pressure, Nozzle is acceptable with respect to buckling under the design conditions.

The structure can be fully failing, or its load withstand capacity is restored during post buckling region. The Structure achieved its buckling load When it exposes lateral bend under axial compression. The buckling load factor is an indicator of the factor of safety against buckling or the ratio of the buckling loads to the currently applied loads.

Simple to explain complicated to perform, yes, it is by the fact that we can at least achieve some factual parameters about the sudden loading by going through the process and safer the engineering industries in every manner.

But have a big doubt to calculate, the probable buckling point for Women, having thought in mind about that, is even beyond the ability of human.