Project Description

FEA Of Start Up Ejector

The objective of analysis was to check stress levels in the Startup Ejector. Ejector is designed as per ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 Edition 2017 and FEA of Nozzle is carried out as per ASME Section VIII, Div.2, Part 5 Edition 2017.

The Finite Element Analysis is carried out in ANSYS.


  • 3D CAD model generated for analysis as per geometric details and includes part of shell, Nozzle, RF pad, flanges, intake cone junction, diffuser bolts, end plates, suction pipes, suction chamber, gasket nozzle holder pipes, dish end, motive inlet pipes lugs, etc.
  • FEA Analysis for Startup Ejector is carried out for in following load cases.
  • Load Case 1 –Internal pressure + Nozzle thrust + Nozzle process loads.
  • Load Case 2 –FV pressure + Nozzle thrust + Nozzle process loads.
  • Load Case 3 –Hydro test pressure + Nozzle thrust
  • Load Case 4 –Lifting Case


Results for Design Pressure Condition are compared with ASME Section VIII, Division 2, Part 5.2 (Protection against Plastic Collapse). Stress comparisons are made as per ASME Sect VIII, Div. 2, Figure 5.1. (Ed.2017)FEA Validation (Software Validation): Results are verified for stressGlobal equilibrium check.

Variation in between applied load and reaction is negligible, hence the model is in geometric equilibrium.

Final Analysis report with all necessary data and drawings.