Project Description

Piping Stress Analysis for Steam Jet Air Ejector System

The main purpose of the piping stress analysis is to make sure of the piping components and to ensure the connection of the piping to the Steam Jet Air Ejector System. The stress analysis is performed according to the code ASME B31.3 – Process Piping (2016), Specification for Flexibility Analysis and software used is – CAESAR II 2018 version 10.0


  • P&ID Mark-Up
  • Stress Mark-Up Isometrics & Stress Image
  • Caesar-Ii Model Plot
  • Stress Isometrics
  • Stress Analysis Report
  • Listing of Static Load Cases
  • Input Listing
  • Equivalent Static
  • Seismic data- Earthquake g’factor / Spectrum
  • Wind data – Space Factor, Co Ordinates, Profile
  • Stress Summary
  • Restraint Summary Extended
  • Hanger Report
  • Displacement Summary- Nodal Movements
  • Nozzle Load Evaluation Report
  • PMS- Piping Material Classification


  • Nozzle / Tie-in loads
  • Stresses
  • Hot sustain / Lift-off check
  • Displacements / Pipe Sagging
  • Support loads
  • Nozzle alignment check for rotating equipment
Final Analysis report with all necessary data and drawings.